Robert Kirkman Previews New Season Four Characters

by on 02/06/2014

New episodes of The Walking Dead will include characters that bring some new blood to the mix, hopefully for their sake not literally. The Walking Dead Executive Producer Robert Kirkman talked to Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming season and three characters from the comics that will be making their way onto the screen, the hardened military man Abraham and his companions Rosita and Eugene.

Kirkman said those who are fans of the characters in the comics will be pleased with how they are portrayed in the show.

“These characters are going to be extremely similar to who they were in the comics and I’m really excited about that. The visuals and costuming for them has been absolutely amazing. These people really do look like they were torn out of the comic page, it’s pretty startling. But I will say people excited for the introduction of these characters won’t have to wait very long. I don’t want to reveal exactly when they’ll be introduced, but it won’t be too terribly late in the season so get your hopes up. They really are going to add a very interesting and very compelling dynamic to the show. I think they’re going to bring in elements to the show that we’ve never really explored before and I think that’s exciting and something that’s going to change the game to a certain extent,” Kirkman said.

Abraham will be portrayed by Michael Cudlitz. Rosita is Christian Serratos and Eugene is played by Josh McDermitt.

Kirkman also confirmed that there would be a new character named Gareth (portrayed by Andrew J. West), who did not appear in the comics, but played coy on details about this mystery man.

Lots more, including some frustratingly vague hints about plot threads that have left you hanging, in the full interview.

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday on AMC at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT.



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