Robert Kirkman Says Some of Your Favorites Might Die in Season Five

by on 06/12/2014

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The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman always leaves you guessing. He recently told The Hollywood Reporter that fans shouldn’t get too confident about the survival of the main The Walking Dead cast.

“It’s always highly likely, though I wouldn’t say that it’s any more likely than it ever is, but it is always extremely likely. We did pull back on the reins a little bit at the end of season four. We’re definitely going to hit the ground running for season five and we really don’t let up very quickly at all. It’s going to be a pretty fast-paced, intense season,” Kirkman said.

Kirkman is aware that most of the current death rumors swirl around Glenn Rhee, thanks to some early and possibly inaccurate spoiler reports.

“I absolutely love it. It means people care and people are paying attention. So keep those rumors flying!” Kirkman said.

His phrasing when asked if any new characters would be brought into the show only seems to heighten the tension over whether the ones you love might be taken out of it.

“We’re always going to be cycling through characters, as I like to say in an ominous and foreboding kind of way. If we’re not bringing new blood into the mix then we’ll eventually run out. So we’re definitely going to be bringing some new blood into the mix and always moving forward,” he said.

Kirkman also refused to confirm that Seth Gilliam is playing Father Gabriel from the comics in the show.

“Seth Gilliam’s character — whoever it may be — brings a lot of conflict and really cool character traits to the mix,” Kirkman said.

And he also declined to give away how long the survivors will stay at Terminus.

“We’ll be changing things up quite a bit and keeping people guessing,” Kirkman said.

In the interview Kirkman also talked about his new comic book, Outcast, which has already been option for an adaptation on Cinemax. It’s a demonic possession story that should hit stores June 25.

Kirkman said that one thing that adds to the horror of demonic possession is that many people find it more believable than zombies.

“Although I would argue that demonic possession is certainly something that there’s evidence to support the possibility that it could be a real phenomenon — much more so than zombies. I think zombies are probably definitely never going to happen (Laughs). I think people may wish that they would. But they’re both stories about very real people against these horrific backdrops. That’s something that I really enjoy doing,” Kirkman said.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

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