Rumor: Companion Series Pilot May be Called ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

by on 01/20/2015

Rumor-mongers Bleeding Cool have gotten their hands on what they say is the script for The Walking Dead companion series, and right there in black and white at the top is a possible title, “Fear the Walking Dead.”

Whether that’s a proposed title for the pilot or the show itself is unsure. Even if it is, of course, it could change before the companion series is released. What follows is a bit spoilery.

The pilot script, written by The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman and Sons of Anarchy’s Dave Erickson, starts before society has fallen to the walker invasion. It features a CDC virologist actually telling people the dead “do not walk among us.”

The script also introduces us to the dysfunctional family that will make up the core of the cast as rumors of the walkers start to spread like an urban legend.

Take this with a grain of salt because it’s subject to debunking or significant changes, but Bleeding Cool generally has a good track record for things like this. They also posted an update to their story that says an actor, Carlos E. Campos, has announced that he was cast in a minor role on the show. Campos’ talent agency sent out an announcement about his casting using the Fear the Walking Dead title.

You can read a few excerpts from the script at Bleeding Cool.



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