Rumor: At Least One Companion Series Character Will Appear in Season Six

by on 01/23/2015

Everything we’ve heard so far about The Walking Dead companion series points to it being a prequel with no characters from the original show, but The Nerdist has a new rumor that says a character or characters from the companion series will interact with our familiar survivors anyway.

According to their report, at least one character from the companion series will be appearing in six episode arc in season six of the original The Walking Dead. That doesn’t rule out the companion series being a prequel, the appearance in the main show could be catching up with them later as older versions or other explanations like extended flashbacks.

That would seem to be a big departure from the comic book storyline, but (hello Daryl) the show has had those before. Another thing worth pointing out is that presenter Jessica Chobot says the companion series will “cross paths with Team Rick in Georgia,” which would be unlikely because the show is now leaving Georgia. But that could just be a mistake on her part.

The rest of the Nerdist’s report repeats information that we’ve seen before, including that the companion show will feature a different kind of  family as its centerpiece, have a new visual style and that the pilot script appears to be called Fear The Walking Dead. No word on exactly when the companion series will start airing.

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