Screambox Is Like Netflix, Only All The Offerings Are Horror

by on 05/28/2015

A new streaming service has launched with ambitions of being the #1 first stop people turn to when they’re looking for horror entertainment. Called Screambox, the service costs $3.99 a month and is advertisement free.

They currently boast a library of over 350 movies and TV shows, but the quality of Screambox’s offerings remain to be seen. The problem with horror is that it’s filled with more misfires, bad ideas and schlock than any other genre. It’s a very inexpensive type of movie to create, it doesn’t require much thought (at least if you’re going for the jump-scare variety) and so nearly every amateur filmmaker gets their start by shooting footage of a girl screaming in the woods with ketchup smeared on her face.

Screambox has their own solution in the form of allowing comments, establishing a community ratings system, and original commentaries. Hopefully it won’t have results like the washed-out Netflix system where almost every single movie has been voted up to four stars due to the sheer number of participants (you know the really bad films because they only have three).

Screambox is currently available on Roku, Amazon Fire, smart TVs under the Samsung brand, iPad, Android and the Screambox website. Service will be expanded to Playstation and XBox later this year.

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