Sledgehammer Almost Made a Third Person Call of Duty Set in Vietnam

by on 05/06/2014

There’s a lot of info about Sledgehammer Games’ upcoming futuristic Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in the latest Game Informer, but the company also spills on a Call of Duty game that never happened, a third-person game set during the Vietnam War.
Sledgehammer spent six to eight months on the project and created about 15 minutes of game play before being asked to work on Modern Warfare 3.
“… We were really getting into the story,” Sledgehammer co-founder Glenn Schofield said. “We had a big moment that I would love to get into a game someday, but it’s not something we could do in first-person.”
Schofield suggested that the cancelled game would have included scenes in Cambodia and Laos, two countries involved in the war that are overlooked by a lot of media. Schofield, who worked on Dead Space, also hinted there would be some twists reminiscent of that horror game.
“We did a lot of research on that war … We were definitely going for some Dead Space moments. It was going to be a fresh take on war, that’s for sure.”
[Source: IGN]

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