Sneak Peeks and Previews for the Mid-Season Finale, ‘Coda’

by on 11/28/2014

Sadly, this is our last The Walking Dead preview before a couple of long, cold months without the show. But it looks like the mid-season finale, “Coda,” should be satisfying.

First up we’ve got a sneak peek clip that shows us just why the heck Father Gabriel ran off anyway. He went to the school that the Hunters were using as a camp to see for himself if what Carl and the others said about them was true. He finds some pretty strong evidence that it is. Oh yeah, remember when Gareth said that grass was going to crack some day?

International friendly version of the sneak peek here.

We also have the more spoilery New Zealand promo, which promises a tense confrontation.

And finally there are not two, but three sneak peek images from AMC this week. Two glamor shots, but one clearly shows Michonne and Carl discovering Father Gabriel’s disappearance.




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