Synopsis Provides Clues to Season Five (No Major Spoilers)

by on 09/18/2014


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This synopsis of season five appeared on The Walking Dead page for Fox International Channels. It’s mostly marketing hype, but it does confirm the basic outline for season five that seemed apparent from the trailers and other materials we’ve seen so far. We find out what the real deal is with Terminus and the group heads toward Washington, D.C. to uncover Eugene’s cure for the walker plague.

It’s also interesting to see that it says characters will find “love and hate.” Fans who don’t want romance on The Walking Dead might be disappointed, but it looks like some relationships will be developing this season.

Season Four of The Walking Dead ended with Rick and the group outgunned, outnumbered, and trapped in a train car awaiting a grim fate.

Season Five picks up shortly thereafter. What follows is a story that weaves the true motives of the people of Terminus with the hopeful prospect of a cure in Washington, D.C., the fate of the group’s lost comrades, as well as new locales, new conflicts, and new obstacles in keeping the group together and staying alive.

Stories will break apart and intersect. The characters will find love and hate. Peace and conflict. Contentment and terror. And, in the quest to find a permanent, safe place to call home, one question will haunt them… After all they’ve seen, all they’ve done, all they’ve sacrificed, lost, and held onto no matter what the cost… Who do they become?

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