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arn - New TV Spot For Arnold's Maggie

New TV Spot For Arnold’s Maggie

by Alex Beanon 05/05/2015
Arnold Schwarzenegger will be starring [along with Abigail Breslin] in the zombie feature film “Maggie” [release date: May 8, 2015] and a new television spot has emerged to promote Ah-nold and his zombie film…
magg - Arnold Schwarzenegger Zombie Flick Coming

Arnold Schwarzenegger Zombie Flick Coming

by Alex Beanon 08/26/2014
Are you Sarah Connor? No? How about “Maggie”? The new movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as the father of Maggie [Abigail Breslin], a typical Midwest girl who is atypically afflicted with zombie-itis from worldwide roaming bands of zombies. Schwarzenegger stands by her side during the run of the undead. “Maggie” will be shown at the Toronto […]