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Alien Isolation

Alien: Isolation Scares More than a Million Gamers

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/22/2015
People really, really like to be scared. And there aren’t many horror games scarier than Alien: Isolation. Gamers have flocked to the fear-fest, buying more than one million copies worldwide. “It has been fantastic to watch the reviews come in and read of the reactions of players, hidden in the bowels of Sevastopol Station, terrified […]
Alien Isolation

Alien: Isolation Launch Trailer Increases The Intensity, Game Out Tomorrow Oct. 7

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/06/2014
This launch trailer for Alien: Isolation sets up the conditions for Amanda Ripley’s lethal game of hide and seek with a lone Xenomorph. Amanda journeys to the space station Sevatopol in search of her mother, Ellen Ripley, from the original Alien movies. But of course she finds a lot of mayhem and lurking black death. […]

Alien Isolation

Alien: Isolation Reveals ‘Survivor Mode’ DLC

by Shawn Hopkinson 09/19/2014
Alien: Isolation looks like it’s going to be tough, anyway, what with you being hunted by a nearly indestructible enemy that can instantly kill you and all. But if you want more challenge, the game has that coming in the form of Survivor mode. This post-launch DLC will add a new mode to the game […]
Alien Isolation

Alien: Isolation Promises 15 Hours of Sheer Terror

by Shawn Hopkinson 06/20/2014
The reason most horror video games aren’t scary, mostly, is that your character is tougher and better armed than whatever they throw at you. When I’m literally kicking zombies to death in the latest Resident Evil, I’m not scared. Why would I be? I can kick zombies to death. That status quo is about to […]