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Robert Kirkman And Skybound Enter Exclusive Content Deal With Amazon

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/11/2017
What will Robert Kirkman and his production company, Skybound Entertainment, bring us next? It depends….do you have an Amazon Prime subscription? You’ll need it to find out. Kirkman and Skybound announced today they’ve inked an exclusive deal with Amazon to produce new content for their streaming service. From this point forward all new Skybound projects […]
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In The UK, Amazon Won't Let You Buy Your Favorite Games Without A Prime Membership

by Peter Paltridgeon 04/22/2016
In some ways there are advantages to living in the UK…for example, if you get horribly sick, you can rely on the NHS (National Health Service) and not go bankrupt because of your illness. On the other hand, if you want to buy Grand Theft Auto V, and you want to use Amazon to do […]

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Get Titanfall for $37 on Amazon Today

by Shawn Hopkinson 04/22/2014
If you haven’t gotten on the Titanfall bandwagon yet, today you have no excuse. As its Daily Deal is offering the game for $36.99, a big discount off its usual $59.99 price. You can get it for Xbox One, Xbox 360, or PC. The discount lasts until midnight PT or until supplies run out. […]
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Amazon Offers Coupon Codes For Call Of Duty: Ghosts

by Alex Beanon 02/17/2014
With the game three months into its launch and the new Onslaught DLC in the fold, Amazon has taken the opportunity to offer coupon codes for “Call of Duty: Ghosts” video games ordered and delivered through their service. The codes currently apply to Microsoft Xbox One versions of the game but will apply to Sony […]

fall of the governor - The Fall Of The Governor Will Be Released On October 8th

The Fall Of The Governor Will Be Released On October 8th

by Jakobion 08/31/2013
The Fall of The Governor will be released, and will be hitting shelves on October 8th. This will be the third book in the series by Robert Kirkman, and we have just a few more weeks to wait. The book will be released in the standard hardcover copy along with copies available to download for […]
the snacking dead cookbook - The Snacking Dead Cookbook Inspired By The Walking Dead

The Snacking Dead Cookbook Inspired By The Walking Dead

by Jakobion 08/08/2013
There is a new cookbook coming out for all you Walking Dead fans, The Snacking Dead. The cookbook features recipes that will help you to survive, tips for the apocalypse, and more. The parody cookbook, by D.B. Walker, will probably be a big hit among the fans of the television show. Along with the show […]

the walking dead soundtrack 349x240 - Download The Walking Dead Soundtrack

Download The Walking Dead Soundtrack

by Jakobion 03/17/2013
The Walking Dead soundtrack is now available for download. AMC recently announced that the first set of songs are available on Amazon as well as iTunes. The soundtrack will then arrive in stores next week on March 19th. The soundtrack features some of their best music from the award winning television show.   The Walking Dead […]