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9c22277147d60de3d15418ba31c520a4 - Norman Reedus Talks With Yahoo TV

Norman Reedus Talks With Yahoo TV

by Peter Paltridgeon 04/02/2015
Norman Reedus sat down for an interview with Yahoo TV shortly after The Walking Dead’s fifth season finale aired. He discusses his thoughts on Daryl, the events of the season, and how the Wolves could factor into Season 6 (as an actor, not a writer, he doesn’t know). When asked how he could picture Daryl’s […]
Andrew Lincoln No Beard

Why Did Andrew Lincoln Shave His Bushy Rick Grimes Beard?

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/03/2014
If you’ve seen any of the pics from The Walking Dead premiere party at Universal Studios in LA last night, you’ve noticed a much more baby-faced Andrew Lincoln. There’s a little bit of stubble, but the grizzled mountain man look he was wearing to play Rick Grimes is gone. Why is that? The show is […]