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Proposed Walking Dead Board Game Won’t Be Cheap

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/13/2016
A company called Cryptozoic Entertainment has made a series of successful board games based on licensed properties, such as the Ghostbusters board game. Some of these games have been partially funded via Kickstarter, and their next project will be another fan-funded effort…..The Walking Dead board game. The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary is the official name. […]
The Walking Dead The Prison Board Game

A New The Walking Dead Board Game Is On Kickstarter

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/11/2014
The Walking Dead Monopoly is pretty cool, but if you want something more strategic, a new board game based on The Walking Dead is being funded on Kickstarter. The new game, The Walking Dead: The Prison, is a stand-alone expansion to 2011’s Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: The Board Game. As the name makes pretty […]

The Walking Dead Monopoly Game Coming Soon By Hasbro

by Jakobion 08/01/2013
There is a new game coming, and it’s not a video game, it’s The Walking Dead Monopoly game by Hasbro. Hasbro will be releasing a Walking Dead version of the famous Monopoly game this September, and it should be an instant fan hit. The game will feature all the typical Monopoly style tidbits, but with […]

When Does Season 2 of The Walking Dead Start?

by Jakobion 05/25/2011
Well folks it feels like it has been forever, I mean really, forever, for season 2 of The Walking Dead.  I can partially blame the first season of the show, but then on the other hand, the first season was awesome.  So, then what is it.  Well because the first season of The Walking Dead was only […]

The Walking Dead Board Game Coming Soon

by Jakobion 05/21/2011
Even though we have to wait till the fall to watch The Walking Dead, coming this summer, is the The Walking Dead board Game.  Z-Man Games is releasing a board game based on the hit TV series and will be around for sale during the summer of 2011 and should catch the eye of fans. […]