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The Walking Dead Pool Season Five Round Two! Who Dies Next? (Spoilers)

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/29/2014
  Which The Walking Dead Character Will Die Next in Season Five? And so, we have our first casualty of the season, leaving a hole in our cast of survivors. We were hoping Bob would pull through, but we had to admit it it didn’t look good. At least it led to a powerful adaptation […]

The Walking Dead Episode 503 ‘Four Walls and a Roof’

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/26/2014
  How would You Rate “Four Walls and a Roof?” Poor Bob. All I’ve got to say about the last episode. So let’s get to the recap, shall we? This episode starts with scenes of walkers screaming intercut with scenes of flesh eating. For once it’s not the walkers doing the munching, though, they’re just […]

Bob: “You Guys Got This, Right?”

by memeuserson 02/26/2014
Bob: “You guys got this, right? Create your own The Walking Dead memes!

The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Will Be On October 13th

by Jakobion 07/20/2013
The Walking Dead season 4 premiere will be on October 13th, as we finally got word following the season 4 comic-con trailer. The fourth season of the highly successful AMC television series begins again this October at its normal 9:00 PM EST time slot. Season 4 will have some changes, which I think is going […]

The Walking Dead Season 4 First Look at New Character Bob Stookey

by Jackon 07/18/2013
Credit to Entertainment Weekly – Although we have to wait until tomorrow (July 19th) before we see The Walking Dead panel and a trailer for the upcoming season there is still plenty of juicy information with the main story centering around a new character. A brand new photo which gives us a first look at […]