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Animated Horror In 2-D? Brad Bird Thinks It Can Be Done

by Peter Paltridgeon 09/21/2015
Few present-day names are more revered in animation than Brad Bird, who was responsible for The Iron Giant and The Incredibles. Lately, however, he’s been shifting his attention to the genre of live-action, where he hasn’t been so lucky, his latest effort being the box office flop Tomorrowland. Perhaps this is why he’s returning to […]
Tyreesel toon - Five Amazing Cartoon-Style Walking Dead Characters

Five Amazing Cartoon-Style Walking Dead Characters

by Shawn Hopkinson 02/11/2015
Artist Edward Pun perfectly captures the essences of our favorite The Walking Dead characters with these new cartoon-style pics. We are seriously impressed. First up is his take on the dear and recently departed Tyreese. Other artists might have drawn Tyreese swinging a hammer or killing a horde of zombies, but Pun understands that Tyreese […]