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Notable Differences Between The Walking Dead Comic Book and TV Show

by on 03/13/2013
Most of your friends can probably quote fun facts about “The Walking Dead” TV show, but how many have taken the time to study the comic book, the brainchild of Robert Kirkman? If you really want to impress your friends at the next “The Walking Dead” premiere party it is time to bring out your […]

CDC Offers Free Zombie Apocalypse Posters

by Jakobion 08/20/2011
The CDC recently made available some zombie posters that the general population and organizations could order for free! Lately there seems to be a little bit of zombie interest over at the Center for Disease Control, which is based down in Atlanta near the recent filming for The Walking Dead season 2. Earlier this year, […]

The Walking Dead Season 2 Scene Video!

by Jakobion 06/14/2011
As many of us know The Walking Dead season 2 has been filming in Atlanta and is set to pick up where it left off in season 1.  The end of season 1, “TS-19“, ended with the group of survivors fleeing from the CDC as the building was about to destruct and obliterate them all. […]

Inside Episode 6: “TS-19”

by Locon 12/20/2010
The season finale lived up to the hype that all the fan were waiting for and and more.  The “TS-19” recap was that after making it to the CDC in Atlanta there was problems to ensue and that the group of survivors would have to make tough choices.  The group soon learns that their time at the […]

Inside Episode 5: “Wildfire”

by Locon 12/20/2010
The episode “Wildfire” of The Walking Dead is the show that details the aftermath of the zombie attack on the camp. Andrea who is played by Laurie Holden, loses her sister in the attack and much of the episode is focused on her grieving for the loss of her beloved sister Amy.  Andrea is overtaken […]