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Charlie Adlard Believes One Walking Dead Character Won’t Die Anytime Soon

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/12/2016
Charlie Adlard, longtime artist of the Walking Dead comic book, made an interesting comment to the Huffington Post today. Though he’s not the WRITER, he feels pretty certain that one popular character from the book won’t die for a long time. Before you read on, try to guess who it is. The answer feels obvious […]

The Walking Dead Artist Charlie Adlard Stands With Charlie Hebdo

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/14/2015
The Walking Dead comic artist Charlie Adlard just released this powerful tribute to the cartoonists at French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, where 12 staff members were killed Jan. 7 by extremists offended by the magazine’s cartoons about Muslims and the prophet Muhammad. Adlard’s stark statement features the words “Freedom of Speech” and the comic book […]

The Walking Dead Comic #115 10th Anniversary Cover Revealed

by Jakobion 09/07/2013
The Walking Dead 10th anniversary cover has been revealed for its big anniversary this year. This October comic #115 will hit the shelves, which happens to be just a few days before the season 4 television premiere of The Walking Dead. The 10th anniversary cover is actually made up of 10 connecting covers that cover the special moments […]

The Walking Dead Debit Cards Featuring Charlie Adlard Artwork

by Jakobion 06/20/2013
The Walking Dead debit cards are now available! This has to be one of the coolest things I have yet to see, only because the vast majority of us already have one…so why not have one with some cool Walking Dead artwork. The artwork printed on the cards is based off of Robert Kirkman’s comic book […]

The Rick Grimes Bank from Skybound and Diamond Select Toys

by Jakobion 06/13/2013
Coming this fall is the Rick Grimes bank that is based upon the artwork of Charlie Adlard, and is being brought to us by a collaboration between Skybound and Diamond Select Toys. The collectible bank features a coin slot on the back along with a panel for releasing the coins. The bank stands at about […]

Walking Dead #106 Comic Preview Featuring A Special Cover Variant

by Jakobion 01/05/2013
Walking Dead #106 is set to be released on January 9th, and this happens to be Charlie Adlard’s 100th issue of the Robert Kirkman comic. We have the first four pages for you to check out below of the newest addition thanks to The Hollywood Reporter. The Walking Dead #106 WRITTEN BY: Robert Kirkman ART BY: […]

The Walking Dead Comic #84 Preview

by Jakobion 04/21/2011
The Walking Dead Comic #84 preview will surely get the fans pumped and excited as the next comic in the series is set to be released on April 27th.  The outcome will have to wait as fans are dying to find out what will happen, who may not make it, and how the series ends. […]