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The Oath Webisodes Are Now Available Online

by Jakobion 10/01/2013
The new Oath webisodes are now up and ready to watch for all you Walking Dead fans out there. The Oath, the newest webisodes from Greg Nicotero, are mini online episodes that shed light on other stories that are happening during the zombie apocalypse. The Oath webisodes are below for you to check out.   […]

The Walking Dead Webisode Series Returns Again This October

by Jakobion 09/27/2013
The Walking Dead webisode series is back, and they will return this October. The new webisode series, called The Oath, will be directed and produced by Greg Nicotero. The webisodes are mini web episodes that shed light on the other stories that are happening during this zombie apocalypse. There are three new Walking Dead webisodes […]

Cold Storage Webisodes Nominated for Webby Awards

by Jakobion 04/09/2013
The Walking Dead, whether it’s for the record breaking show, the comics, or even for the webisodes, the amount of recognition is surely easy to notice. The ‘Cold Storage’ webisodes were recently nominated for some Webby Awards in which the winners will be selected on April 30th. A Webby Award is an international award for excellence on […]

New Walking Dead Webisodes Titled ‘Cold Storage’ Released

by Jackon 10/02/2012
There is a new Walking Dead webisode series called “Cold Storage“.  Just like in season 2, this season will be split up into two parts once again. Episodes 1 -8 will start from October 14th and Episodes 9 – 16 will air at some point early next year. The Walking Dead Webisode – Cold Storage This […]