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FTWD Airlines Announces Preliminary Boarding For Flight 462 Web Series

by Alex Beanon 09/28/2015
The online companion series to the companion series has been given the green light. AMC has announced that “Flight 462” – the web companion series to “Fear the Walking Dead” [itself a companion series to AMC’s “The Walking Dead”] – has been given preliminary clearance for boarding immediately after the conclusion of the current FTWD […]

Companion Series Will Start as Prequel, Then Catch Up

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/16/2015
The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman has revealed some new details about the upcoming The Walking Dead companion series. First off, don’t call it a prequel. “We have revealed that the time line is going to be taking place a little earlier then the time frame of the original show,” Kirkman told Polygon in an […]

Kim Dickens, Star of Walking Dead’s LA Companion Series, Jokes it Will Feature ‘Sexy Zombies’

by Rebecca Seymannon 03/11/2015
We’re used to seeing The Walking Dead in the south, where although our cast is by pure coincidence gorgeous, most people don’t freak out about a few extra pounds or some crow’s feet. But the new The Walking Dead companion series, which was just picked up for two seasons by AMC, eschews the heartland for […]

The Walking Dead Companion Series Gets A Two Season Order

by Alex Beanon 03/09/2015
“The Walking Dead” companion series has been given a two-season order by AMC. Season One will have six episodes and is set to debut this summer and is expected to lead up to the Season Six premiere of “The Walking Dead” in the autumn. Season Two of the companion series will debut earlier in 2016 […]

Rumor: At Least One Companion Series Character Will Appear in Season Six

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/23/2015
Everything we’ve heard so far about The Walking Dead companion series points to it being a prequel with no characters from the original show, but The Nerdist has a new rumor that says a character or characters from the companion series will interact with our familiar survivors anyway. According to their report, at least one […]

Noah Emmerich Wants to Explore Dr. Jenner’s Past on Walking Dead Companion Series

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/22/2015
If a recently leaked script holds true, the upcoming companion series to The Walking Dead will be a prequel, set in Los Angeles in the earliest days of the outbreak. It will also feature scenes of the Centers for Disease Control trying to deny that the outbreak is even happening. It’s interesting timing, then, that […]

Rumor: Companion Series Pilot May be Called ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/20/2015
Rumor-mongers Bleeding Cool have gotten their hands on what they say is the script for The Walking Dead companion series, and right there in black and white at the top is a possible title, “Fear the Walking Dead.” Whether that’s a proposed title for the pilot or the show itself is unsure. Even if it […]
Jack Walker American Werewolf in London

Robert Kirkman Says Walking Dead Companion Series “Fundamentally Different”

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/19/2015
Still not sold on the upcoming The Walking Dead companion series? The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman promised the show will be more than just The Walking Dead, Los Angeles version. “I will say that this is going to be a show about family,” Kirman told Entertainment Weekly. “But it’s going to be a show […]

Kim Dickens

Kim Dickens Will Be Female Lead in The Walking Dead Companion Series

by Shawn Hopkinson 12/23/2014
AMC’s The Walking Dead companion series has cast another key role. Kim Dickens, whom you might know from Sons of Anarchy or this summer’s Gone Girl, will be the female lead opposite Cliff Curtis (Gang Related). Dickens will play a female guidance counselor who is in a relationship with Curtis’ character, a divorced teacher who […]

Report Says The Walking Dead Companion Series Will Be Set in L.A.

by Shawn Hopkinson 12/16/2014
Those of you hoping to see how walkers would deal with a cold climate or how the ZA went down in other countries can keep hoping if a new report from TVLine is accurate. According to the report, the companion series will be set in good old Los Angeles, California. TVLine wasn’t sure if this […]