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robert kirkman was on conan last 349x240 - Robert Kirkman Was On Conan Last Night

Robert Kirkman Was On Conan Last Night

by Peter Paltridgeon 12/06/2016
Robert Kirkman, graphic novelist and creator of The Walking Dead, was one of the guests on last night’s Conan episode. One of the first things Conan pointed out was that they now sell Negan’s bat, and while the “barbed wire” is rubber, the bat portion is quite functional. Another Walking Dead product Conan found questionable […]
Conan O'Brien Zombie

The Walking Dead Cast Talks Season Four With Conan

by Shawn Hopkinson 02/07/2014
In anticipation of this Sunday’s mid-season four premiere, last night’s Conan featured a full zombie blowout. Starting with a hilarious opening with Conan O’Brien as a zombie, the episode also featured “the first lesbian zombie kiss,” and interviews with most of the cast. A big topic of discussion turned out to be the potential for […]

conan o brien andy richter walking dead 349x240 - Video: Zombie Andy Richter Tours Atlanta

Video: Zombie Andy Richter Tours Atlanta

by Locon 04/09/2013
Andy Richter pays a visit to one of The Walking Dead’s special effects makeup artists, Jake Garber, before continuing his tour of Atlanta’s fine attractions as a walker. Zombie Andy Richter is both terrifying and delightful. Visit for more videos from Conan. Conan airs at 11pm Eastern, 10pm Central on TBS.
robert kirkman 349x240 - Zombie Animals? Kirkman Explains Why There Aren't Any

Zombie Animals? Kirkman Explains Why There Aren’t Any

by Jakobion 03/09/2013
Have you ever wondered why there aren’t any zombie animals on The Walking Dead? I know we have. In fact we have a few threads about that very same subject. Simpy searching the forum you can find probably a half dozen topics relating to that very thing, and quite frankly, I have wondered it as […]