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Destiny Adds Doubles Skirmish PVP Mode

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/23/2015
Got a good bro? A guy or gal (girls can be bros) you can always depend on in the clutch? Then you might want to try Destiny’s new Doubles Skirmish mode, which pits two teams to two players against each other in the Crucible. It’s like doubles Tennis, but with death. The more intimate mode […]

Next Destiny Update Fixes Crota's End, Spices Up the Crucible

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/09/2015
  Bungie has a Destiny patch coming next week that will fix some bugs in Crota’s End, add some variety to the Crucible and make Vault of Glass more rewarding. The patch fixes some buggy behavior in Crota’s End, including getting rid of a glitch or two that could be used to make it cheesier. […]

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Destiny's Iron Banner Event Starts Today

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/08/2014
If you feel like the competition in Destiny’s Crucible is too fair and balanced, you’re in luck this week. Starting today Destiny will hold a week-long Iron Banner event, where the balancing is off and you must have the best gear to survive. Until Oct. 14 a special Iron Banner playlist will be available in […]

This Guy Probably Killed You in the Destiny Beta

by Shawn Hopkinson 08/05/2014
  I played the Destiny beta, including the multiplayer, for hours and hours without ever managing to get good at it. In fact, I would honestly say I was a major drag on whichever team was unlucky enough to get stuck with me. Sorry, guys. In other words, I’m nothing like LikeButta, a lethal Destiny […]