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The Governor Starts His Own Production Company

by Alex Beanon 11/06/2014
David Morrissey – aka The Governor – has started along with three partners, a production company named On The Corner, that will produce both scripted and non-scripted content for television and cinema. On The Corner has already signed a two-year deal with BBC Worldwide. Morrissey’s partners in the venture are producers Jolyon Symonds and James […]

David Morrissey Sees The Booing By Fans As A Compliment To ‘The Governor’

by Jakobion 12/28/2013
David Morrissey, who played The Governor, recently said that all the booing that he hears from fans is really a good thing, and that he honestly takes them as a compliment. When he hears the boos he feels that he did a good job at playing the role of The Governor, and the fans are just reacting […]

David Morrissey Cast As ‘The Governor’ In Season 3

by Jackon 02/26/2012
AMC announced that British actor David Morrissey has joined the cast of The Walking Dead as the comic favorite ‘Governor’. The Governor will be appearing in Season 3 of The Walking Dead which will be airing on AMC later this year. There were earlier rumors that John Hawkes was going to be cast as The […]