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There'll Be A Big Update To Destiny This April

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/24/2016
“The Taken King is dead. Yet still his armies yet claw at our worlds. Even as you led the assault on the Dreadnaught, a powerful would-be Taken Prince fled for the safety of the shadows. Hunt him down before he grows too powerful.” So goes the narrative to the big update hitting Destiny next month. […]
sparrow racing league coming to 349x240 - Sparrow Racing League Coming To Destiny

Sparrow Racing League Coming To Destiny

by Peter Paltridgeon 12/05/2015
A new feature for players of Destiny: The Taken King was announced today during the Playstation Experience keynote. If you’ve ever wanted to officially race around on Sparrows, you’ll get your wish next week….at least for a limited time. Soon you’ll be able to compete in six-player racing tournaments on Mars and Venus in the […]