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vlcsnap 2017 03 07 02h26m57s44 349x240 - The Educational Episode

The Educational Episode

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/07/2017
Eugene has a big evening planned. Alternate gag: Eugene switches the cartridges out and begins playing Sinistar. When the Sinistar says “RUN, COWARD!” Eugene hangs his head and says, “That is an accurate assessment.”
eugene vs little girl 349x240 - Eugene Vs. Little Girl

Eugene Vs. Little Girl

by Peter Paltridgeon 05/11/2016
I would prefer to just leave this here and let it speak for itself, but regulations state that a newspost must contain at least 100 words to be properly picked up by search engines, so to avoid spoilers, the remainder is below the video. No peeking. Just watch this: Out of all the Walking Dead […]

Self Help Eugene

‘Self Help’ Poll: Should the Group Forgive Eugene?

by Shawn Hopkinson 11/10/2014
  Should the Group Forgive Eugene? First off, I have to admit this could be a bit of a moot point if Eugene dies from that beating Abraham gave him when he found out that his entire reason for living was a lie. Eugene looked alive to me, but Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd wouldn’t […]
047ce0fe ce8d 07d6 0df2 2b779403815e TWD 505 GP 0626 0164 - The Walking Dead Episode 505 'Self Help' Recap and Poll

The Walking Dead Episode 505 ‘Self Help’ Recap and Poll

by Shawn Hopkinson 11/10/2014
  Rate The Walking Dead Episode 505 ‘Self Help’ This episode starts with 10 minutes of Maggie crying, worrying about Beth and rationalizing her decision to go along with Glenn on a possible fool’s errand to Washington, D.C. when Beth might possibly still be a live and could be rescued. Kidding. None of that happens. […]

6a0515cb 7ce3 1446 3d49 53eb2710bdc6 TWD 505 GP 0620 0079 - Will Eugene Lead the Way to the Cure in Episode 505 'Self Help?' (Previews and Poll)

Will Eugene Lead the Way to the Cure in Episode 505 ‘Self Help?’ (Previews and Poll)

by Shawn Hopkinson 11/07/2014
  Is Eugene Telling the Truth? We’ve got your sneak peeks for the upcoming episode, plus a big question. Does Eugene know what he’s talking about? A bunch of our characters have loaded on a church bus to travel to Washington, D.C. to find out, and we’ll follow them in Sunday’s episode. He’s certainly able […]
eugene - The Mullet-Bearer Speaks: Josh McDermitt on Eugene (Spoilers)

The Mullet-Bearer Speaks: Josh McDermitt on Eugene (Spoilers)

by Shawn Hopkinson 02/25/2014
Before you click over to the full article, there is one major, no kidding comic spoiler in it. Who knows if it’ll be the same in the show, but forewarned. So we’ve had a little time to get to know Eugene, man of mulleted mystery. We know he says he knows the cause of the […]

90571393264339 - Eugene Has A Mullet - Still Smarter Than You

Eugene Has A Mullet – Still Smarter Than You

by Joanna Baileyon 02/25/2014
Eugene Has a Mullet – Still Smarter Than You Create your own The Walking Dead memes!
carl - The Walking Dead Recap – Season 4, Episode 11: "Claimed"

The Walking Dead Recap – Season 4, Episode 11: “Claimed”

by Joanna Baileyon 02/24/2014
AMC’s The Walking Dead returns tonight with “Claimed”, the eleventh episode of season four. The episode starts with Tara and Glenn in the back of Sgt. Abraham Ford’s truck. Glenn is still unconscious and Tara is seen writing notes on her hand of key areas they have passed. They come across a small roadblock and […]

Michonne from Walking Dead 411

Sneak Peeks at Episode 411: “Claimed”

by Shawn Hopkinson 02/21/2014
If your’e the kind of person who likes to go into the show as pure as the driven snow, be warned that their are some light spoilerish hints in the material in this article. Lots of early looks out there for this Sunday’s upcoming The Walking Dead episode. In addition the moment with Rick and […]
Abraham Coming to The Walking Dead

Michael Cudlitz on Abraham Ford: a Man, a Mission, a Mustache (Spoilers)

by Shawn Hopkinson 02/17/2014
So now that we’ve seen the introduction of Abraham Ford with last night’s The Walking Dead episode, “Inmates,” let’s see what actor Michael Cudlitz has to say about his character. “He’s not to be f—ed with. He will kill you,” Cudlitz said. Ooohkay. Duly noted. Cudlitz talked at length about his character in TV Guide […]