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More Please: FX Orders Sixth Season Of American Horror Story

by Alex Beanon 11/10/2015
FX has ordered a sixth season of its popular anthology television series “American Horror Story”. The show gathered five Emmy Awards for its fourth season [“Freak Show”] and ratings are pacing ahead of that season for this year’s series [“Hotel”]. The sixth season of “American Horror Story” has not yet been named and will include […]

American Horror Story: Hotel Trailer – Hallways

by Alex Beanon 09/10/2015
“American Horror Story: Hotel” will be premiering next month on October 7 and AMC has decided it high time you met the residents of the hotel…

Plot Details Of American Horror Story Hotel Revealed

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/27/2015
Thanks to a feature story in this week’s Entertainment Weekly, we now know a lot more about Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story Hotel than a long list of who’s starring in it. EW published a massive plot dump, which you can read below. Built in 1930 by the rich and charming but deeply psychotic James […]
Mare Winningham photo

Mare Winningham Joins American Horror Story Hotel

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/21/2015
Just when you thought they couldn’t possibly have anyone else left on that list, FX and Ryan Murphy Productions have revealed yet ANOTHER cast member for American Horror Story Hotel. It’s Mare Winningham, star of St. Elmo’s Fire and several Christmases on X-Entertainment back in the day. Winningham is one of the recurring actresses on […]

madchen amick

Madchen Amick Joins American Horror Story Hotel

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/07/2015
By this point we should know nearly everyone who’s going to appear in American Horror Story Hotel. The latest name to be revealed is Madchen Amick, star of Twin Peaks and a few dozen B-movies. She’ll be acting in scenes with Chloe Sevigny’s character: she’s playing the doctor who examines Sevigny’s ill son. Has anyone […]

Naomi Campbell Checks Into American Horror Story: Hotel

by Alex Beanon 07/25/2015
Actress/model Naomi Campbell has become the latest celebrity to check into FX’s “American Horror Story: Hotel” television series for Season Five. The plan is for Campbell to play an overly critical fashion editor who gets her critiquing comeuppance and be paired with Lady Gaga in a multi-episode arc. “American Horror Story: Hotel” is currently scheduled […]

The “FX Fearless Arena” Makes SDCC More Nuts

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/01/2015
There are Comic-Con booths, and then there are practical theme parks. FX Networks is going big, loud and expensive this year to make sure everybody attending the San Diego Comic-Con knows about the shows they’ll be broadcasting over the next few months. So much so that they’ll be offering a series of rides based on […]

Max Greenfield Becomes Latest Star To Check Into American Horror Story: Hotel

by Alex Beanon 05/26/2015
Max Greenfield [“New Girl”] has become the latest celebrity to check into FX’s upcoming “American Horror Story: Hotel” franchise. Greenfield’s so-far-unnamed character is not expected to last long however, according to a tweet from show producer, Ryan Murphy. “American Horror Story: Hotel” is currently slated to debut in October 2015.

angela bassett

Angela Bassett Confirmed For American Horror Story: Hotel

by Peter Paltridgeon 04/30/2015
So far Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Wes Bentley, Chloë Sevigny, Matt Bomer, Lady Gaga and Cheyenne Jackson have been revealed as part of the cast in the next season of American Horror Story, this one being set at a hotel. Now we can add Angela Bassett. Ryan Murphy sent out another drip this morning confirming […]

FX Starts Promos For “The Strain” Season 2

by Peter Paltridgeon 04/29/2015
FX has begun promoting the return of The Strain to its network schedule, both on the network and online, with short little bits like this. These spots are very short and show no clips from the season itself, but do hint at how FX plans to promote the second season over the next few months. […]