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friday the 13th

A Friday The 13th Video Game Is Coming For You

by Peter Paltridgeon 10/29/2015
There was once a Friday the 13th video game for the NES. It wasn’t good. In fact, it was bad enough that no one attempted to game-ify being chased by Jason until 25 years later. Now we may have our first chance at getting an interactive adventure at Camp Crystal Lake without the LJN rainbow […]
the escapists

“The Escapists” Sequel Is Walking Dead-Themed

by Peter Paltridgeon 09/16/2015
Earlier this year, a puzzle-RPG game with blocky graphics made a splash on Steam and garnered much critical acclaim. That game was The Escapists, an ultraviolent spectacle about inmates trying to escape from prison. A sequel was inevitable, but perhaps not in the manner people were expecting. Developer Team 17 released the first images and […]

dyinglight e3 final  5  349x240 - Zombie Game Dying Light Gets a Brutal Launch Trailer

Zombie Game Dying Light Gets a Brutal Launch Trailer

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/26/2015
Techland just released a gory trailer for its upcoming zombie mutilator, which will be out tomorrow, Jan. 27 in the U.S. The new trailer shows off some creative and bloody ways to kill zombies with the game’s guns, improvised weapons and parkour. You also get a taste of the titular feature in which zombies are […]
Dying Light

Dying Light’s Pre-Order Bonus Lets You ‘Be the Zombie’

by Shawn Hopkinson 09/19/2014
Dying Light, an upcoming zombie survival action game from Techland, has a new mode available for pre-orderers that flips the whole zombie video game paradigm on its head. A mode where you can be the zombie. The zombie you’ll be playing if you pre-order is no weak shambler, however. It’s called the Night Hunter, described […]

The Evil Within

Experience the Terror of The Evil Within in This New Trailer

by Rebecca Seymannon 09/19/2014
It’s gotten to a point where many horror-themed video games are content to be silly. Sure, there are zombies and stuff in them, but you can usually dispatch them with a shotgun or even a good swift kick if you happen to have been playing Resident Evil 6. That’s not going to be the case […]
No Man's Land Mobile Game

First Trailer For The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land Game

by Shawn Hopkinson 07/22/2014
AMC has released a very quick look at the upcoming The Walking Dead mobile game, which we now know will be titled The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. The game is being developed by Next Games and should release in early 2015. This is not the kind of trailer that tells you a lot about […]

Episode 1 The Walking Dead Game

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Game Featured in This Week’s Humble Bundle

by Jakobion 05/31/2013
Telltale’s The Walking Dead game is now available during this week’s Humble Bundle, so if you haven’t had a chance to pick it up…now is the time. You can get 7 cool games to play by simply unlocking The Walking Dead, which by the way will cost you only about $5. Let me repeat that, you […]
survival instinct preorder 349x240 - Survival Instinct Pre-order Bonus and New Trailer Released

Survival Instinct Pre-order Bonus and New Trailer Released

by Jackon 02/13/2013
If you pre-order Survival Instinct, you might get a couple of pre-order bonuses! The game is set to be released on March 19th, which is most likely going to be a hit with the fans of the show, and gamers alike. The releases dates have been moved up slightly from the 26th of March to […]

the walking dead video game 349x240 - The Walking Dead Video Game Screenshot

The Walking Dead Video Game Screenshot

by Jakobion 07/27/2011
The Walking Dead video game is getting closer and closer to being released and the game developer, Telltale, has finally unveiled the first screenshot which will depict the continuing adventure we know as The Walking Dead. The game however will not follow the comic book or television series in which most fans have learned to […]
the walking dead board game 349x240 - The Walking Dead Board Game Coming Soon

The Walking Dead Board Game Coming Soon

by Jakobion 05/21/2011
Even though we have to wait till the fall to watch The Walking Dead, coming this summer, is the The Walking Dead board Game.  Z-Man Games is releasing a board game based on the hit TV series and will be around for sale during the summer of 2011 and should catch the eye of fans. […]