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Frank Darabont Claims AMC Fired Him For Fake Reasons

by Peter Paltridgeon 01/06/2016
Frank Darabont, former showrunner for The Walking Dead, is now suing AMC over the circumstances of his firing midway through the second season. Darabont claims AMC let him go for fabricated reasons and is withholding millions of dollars he was meant to be paid (hence the suit). The deposition has now been unsealed for public […]

What’s Next for Glen Mazzara of The Walking Dead?

by on 02/01/2013
As you probably know Glen Mazzara has been unceremoniously zombie-chomped by AMC and the producers of The Walking Dead. While publicly speaking, both sides parted ways respectable using vague and polite sentences referring to “creative differences”, in private, everyone has a vociferous opinion. Kurt Sutter, showrunner of the comparably popular series Sons of Anarchy, stated […]

What The Walking Dead’s Shane Walsh Taught Us About Dying

by on 01/28/2013
When the Sheriff’s Deputy Shane Walsh was murdered on The Walking Dead (once as a reviled human being, second as a respectable zombie), to comic book fans, it was a predictable and prophesied event–though to cable viewing first-timers it may have been a bit of a shock. Every storyline needs a strong antagonist and as […]

Episode Titles For The Remainder Of The Walking Dead Season 3

by Jakobion 01/15/2013
The second half of season 3 is getting ready to start this February 10th and we have the episode titles for the rest of the third season. While many already knew about episode 9, “The Suicide King”, the others are some new ones that weren’t known before. We can start to guess what these may […]

Scott Gimple Becomes New Walking Dead Showrunner For Season 4

by Locon 01/14/2013
As you all know Glen Mazzara has left The Walking Dead citing “creative differences” with the AMC and the direction of the show. The big question right now is who will take his place? The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Executive Producer Scott Gimple will be taking over as showrunner for season 4 of The […]

Michonne Unhooded and Season 3 Behind The Scenes!

by Jackon 05/24/2012
It seems like a long time ago since we last heard or saw anything related to The Walking Dead. Luckily for us that has now changed as several bits of news have come at once. The first piece of news is the very first image of a unhooded Michonne! Michonne who made her stunning appearance […]

Frank Darabont leaves The Walking Dead

by Locon 07/27/2011
Frank Darabont, the man who brought us The Walking Dead series, has suddenly left the show. As of right now it is unclear if Frank Darabont is gone for good or will just stay on the show as a producer without any input on the series. After season 1 ended, Darabont ran into issues. He […]