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Ex-Glenn Steven Yeun Is Now A Father

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/26/2017
So how have things been going for Steven Yeun since his bloody exit from The Walking Dead? Things have been great, actually. In the months since he left, he’s gotten married AND had a kid. Yeun married his longtime sweetheart, Joana Pak, on Dec. 3 at Paramour Estate in Los Angeles. E! News reports that […]

Starting Today, Glenn Rhee Stars In A Giant Robot Cartoon

by Peter Paltridgeon 06/10/2016
Anyone remember Voltron? It’s back. Netflix has produced a new version of the classic giant-robot series, Voltron: Legendary Defender. Steven Yeun is one of the five lucky pilots who will become the proud new owners of giant robot lions they can climb inside and manipulate. When the lions combine, they form Voltron, defender of the […]


If You Haven’t Noticed, Glenn Has Yet To Kill Anyone

by Peter Paltridgeon 02/08/2016
It’s a savage world that the denizens of post-apocalyptic Georgia inhabit. If you’re not fending off zombies, you’ll eventually be forced to turn your weapon against a bloodthirsty gang of robbers, cannibals or cult members who would otherwise have killed you first. Some members of Team Rick take to disposing of these people like a […]
normal twd0509 1148 - Robert Kirkman 'Spoils' Glenn's Death on Comedy Central (Spoilers, Obviously)

Robert Kirkman ‘Spoils’ Glenn’s Death on Comedy Central (Spoilers, Obviously)

by Shawn Hopkinson 02/12/2015
@midnightGet More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows Last night’s episode of the Comedy Central internet quiz show @midnight had a hilarious lineup featuring The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman, Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Josh McDermitt (Eugene). Many funny, off-color jokes were made by the cast and host Chris Hardwick. And Kirkman might have spoiled how […]