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If Negan Fought The Governor….

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/03/2016
The two characters will never meet, either in the comics or on the show. But if The Governor and Negan, two village rulers well-known for their cruelty, ever challenged each other for dominance, who would win? EW asked Jeffrey Dean Morgan this question. What do YOU think his answer was? “It’s not even close..I mean, […]

The Walking Dead Recap – Season 4, Episode 7: “Dead Weight”

by Joanna Baileyon 11/25/2013
Last week, we got to see a more charming and lovable side of the Governor. In tonight’s episode, “Dead Weight”, we are reminded once again what a villain he truly is as we watch him take over the camp — one body at a time! The episode starts off with the group being rescued by […]

The Walking Dead Recap – Season 4, Episode 6: “Live Bait”

by Joanna Baileyon 11/18/2013
The sixth episode of season four, “Live Bait”, starts off where the last season ended, shortly after the Governor had killed his own people. We see him speeding away from the gruesome scene with his two remaining henchmen, Martinez and Shumpert. Later that night, he’s sitting in front of his tent and staring blankly into […]

Scenes You Will Never See On The Walking Dead TV Series

by Jakobion 08/21/2011
Yes, there may be some HUGE spoilers in here but remember the show is very different from the The Walking Dead comic, so this stuff may not come up in the show at all. In any case, I can’t imagine the network’s censors (or lawyers/standards and practices goons) allowing the following events to be portrayed […]