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Microsoft Purchases Physics Engine Company Havok

by Peter Paltridgeon 10/02/2015
The engine that powers some of your favorite FPS franchises, such as Halo, Destiny and Call of Duty, is now property of Microsoft. Havok produces what’s known as “middleware” — physics engines and digital effects that game development studios license so they don’t have to spend time building them themselves, which alone could add months […]

Xbox Season Pass Holders Will Get Some Snazzy Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Guns Early

by Shawn Hopkinson 11/26/2014
Call of Duty loves all of its players, but you always get the feeling it loves Xbox players just a little bit more. Or it loves the arrangements it has with Microsoft to get content early. Anyway, here’s another early perk for Xbox players. Two new weapons that are coming in the first  DLC, Havoc, […]