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David Morrissey Sees The Booing By Fans As A Compliment To ‘The Governor’

by Jakobion 12/28/2013
David Morrissey, who played The Governor, recently said that all the booing that he hears from fans is really a good thing, and that he honestly takes them as a compliment. When he hears the boos he feels that he did a good job at playing the role of The Governor, and the fans are just reacting […]

The Walking Dead “The Suicide King” Sneak Peek

by Jakobion 02/04/2013
The Walking Dead is getting hotter than its ever been and fans have been dying to watch the show they have fallen in love it with. Well, on February 10th, the fans get what they have been waiting for, the next episode in the AMC series The Walking Dead. The show picks up with “The […]

Zombie Hoarding – Unethical or Compassionate?

by on 01/22/2013
Zombie hoarding is one of the most controversial topics we’ve broached on this forum. Now I know some of you have strong opinions on this, but it’s best to keep a level head and not let your emotions get out of hand. So we ask: Is it ethical to keep zombies locked up in your […]

“The Walking Dead” Casts Hershel and Maggie for Hershel’s Farm

by Jakobion 06/25/2011
Well it has only been a few days since we found out that Pruitt Taylor Vince will be playing Otis, now we have the rest of the crew that the group of survivors will find when they come across Hershel’s Farm.  Scott Wilson will be playing “Hershel Greene” and his daughter “Maggie” will be played […]