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AMC Question & Answer with Scott Wilson

by Locon 02/21/2012
Scott Wilson, best known by fans of The Walking Dead as Hershel Greene recently conducted an interview with AMC. Wilson was cast as Hershel Greene in the second season of The Walking Dead in June 2011.The role has earned Wilson positive reviews and TV Guide wrote that he had contributed “subtle shades of humanity to the character […]

First 3 minutes of “Nebraska” Season Premiere

by Locon 02/01/2012
With the new episodes of The Walking Dead right around the corner, a sneak peek of the first 3 minutes of episode 8 titled “Nebraska” has been released. Episode 7 left off with Shane opening the barn doors and releasing the horde of walkers, and with no other choice, the group had to put them […]

New The Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

by Jakobion 01/28/2012
The second half of the hit series The Walking Dead is getting ready to kick off in about 3 weeks and we caught the glimpse of a new trailer featuring the show. This trailer shows a few scenes from season 2 that have already aired as well as some clips that have yet to come. […]

Hershel’s Farm coming in Season 2

by Jakobion 06/05/2011
While we have all been waiting, and even guessing, on what season 2 of The Walking Dead may bring, one such possibility is the introduction of Hershel’s Farm.  The farm happens to be a major part of the comic book series and its believed that the show will bring about the location due to its importance.  Hershel’s farm is […]