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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1

by Jakobion 07/19/2011
Now that the next season is approaching closer and closer we can have some sort of idea what we can expect for The Walking Dead season 2 episode 1.  There are a few things that we know.  We know the first episode of season 2 will begin with the group of survivors leaving the now […]

The Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer Teaser

by Locon 07/07/2011
Updated:  This turned out to be a trailer that was made by a fan of The Walking Dead and not a legitimate trailer for season 2.  While we did get excited, it looks like a lot of people thought this was the real thing. Today, AMC released the teaser trailer for The Walking Dead season […]

“The Walking Dead” Casts Hershel and Maggie for Hershel’s Farm

by Jakobion 06/25/2011
Well it has only been a few days since we found out that Pruitt Taylor Vince will be playing Otis, now we have the rest of the crew that the group of survivors will find when they come across Hershel’s Farm.  Scott Wilson will be playing “Hershel Greene” and his daughter “Maggie” will be played […]

Pruitt Taylor Vince Cast as Otis in Season 2

by Locon 06/21/2011
Casting has begun on season 2 of The Walking Dead, and we finally have some news on who might be coming to the TV series, Pruitt Taylor Vince. broke the news earlier today that Pruitt Taylor Vince has been cast as Otis who will be introduced in season 2 when the show brings Hershel’s Farm […]

Season 2 Will Not Be Focusing On Atlanta

by Jakobion 06/18/2011
The Walking Dead season 2 is currently filming and in production and the show is looking to change directions in season 2.  In the first season of the show, which was 6 episodes, the series had a major focus on the large metropolitan area of Atlanta, but this time according to Robert Kirkman it will […]

Hershel’s Farm coming in Season 2

by Jakobion 06/05/2011
While we have all been waiting, and even guessing, on what season 2 of The Walking Dead may bring, one such possibility is the introduction of Hershel’s Farm.  The farm happens to be a major part of the comic book series and its believed that the show will bring about the location due to its importance.  Hershel’s farm is […]