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walking dead ice cube tray - Destiny to Nerf Auto-Rifles

Destiny to Nerf Auto-Rifles

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/14/2014
Seems like it’s a day for nerfs. Bungie has listened to complaints about auto-rifles being too accurate and overpowered, and ignored auto-rifle fans who want them left alone, and is rolling out a hotfix that will balance them and other weapons. Although it looks like auto-rifles and shotguns were powered down, handcannons, scout rifles and […]
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Destiny Down for Server Maintenance Tomorrow

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/06/2014
  Starting at about 10 AM ET Tuesday morning, the Destiny servers will be offline for “several hours” as a hotfix is applied. And that means any plans you had to play Destiny during that time will be on hold. Except for a bugfix or two, the hotfix deals mostly with underlying server client and […]

the walking dead rob guillory - Destiny Update Closes The Loot Cave

Destiny Update Closes The Loot Cave

by Shawn Hopkinson 09/25/2014
Destiny’s “Loot Cave” was an exploit some gamers discovered which allowed them fire mindlessly at one spot in a cave on Earth for hours as an unending stream of monsters dropped engrams, hoping that they would eventually get one containing legendary equipment they needed to take on Destiny’s endgame content. As of today, the Loot […]