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For $30,000 You Can Drive a Special The Walking Dead Tucson

by Shawn Hopkinson 06/23/2014
Hey, you ever notice that they used to drive a Hyundai Tucson on The Walking Dead all the time? Product placement! That’s subtle, however, compared to the Hyundai Tucson The Walking Dead Special Edition, which just went on sale at Hyundai dealerships. For $29,775, quite a bit more than the $22,325 stock Tucson GLS, you can […]

The New 2014 Zombie Liquidator From Hyundai

by Alex Beanon 07/25/2013
Building on last year’s success in creating “zombie survival machines” – which were essentially Hyundais that you could outfit with chainsaw bumpers and other such anti-zombie devices – Hyundai has created the Walking Dead Chop Shop. Visitors to the Hyundai-sponsored site are encouraged to take garden variety Elantras, Santa Fes or Velosters and create zombie-killing […]