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Norman Reedus Tells Conan He Would “Rock” a Gay Daryl Storyline

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/04/2015
  Norman Reedus says he would have no problem playing his The Walking Dead character Daryl as gay. Reedus tells Conan O’Brien that question was raised when someone asked The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman if Daryl would take over the role of Jesus, a “real badass” from the comics who is also gay. Kirkman […]

Norman Reedus Debunks Rumor He ‘Begged’ Producers to Not Make Daryl Gay

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/30/2014
Norman Reedus wants you to know he is not afraid of the possibility that Daryl Dixon might be gay, and he has not begged The Walking Dead’s producers to avoid that storyline. Site the Inquisitor, citing what they say is a report in the “highly esteemed’ Globe Magazine (I hope that’s sarcasm, Globe is bottom-feeding […]

Is Daryl Gay? We Won’t Find Out in Season Five

by Shawn Hopkinson 08/27/2014
The Walking Dead Showrunner Scott M. Gimple said the question of Daryl Dixon’s sexuality is “not really addressed this season,” but said the show is adding a gay male character to its cast at some point. Gimple said the fact the fact that whether Daryl is gay or straight is such an open question speaks […]
Beth and Daryl The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Says Daryl May Be Gay

by Shawn Hopkinson 08/15/2014
Daryl Dixon is the redneck star of millions of female The Walking Dead fans’ romantic fantasies. Fan arguments currently rage over whether Daryl should be romantically linked to Carol or Beth. But according to The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman, those arguments might be moot. In response to a fan letter in issue 130 comparing […]