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Robert Kirkman Talks “Creator Activism”

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/30/2015
A very, very, very, very long feature piece on Robert Kirkman went up on Polygon today, featuring a full interview, a biography of his entire career, and the business philosophy that keeps him going. For the TL:DR crowd, here are the most revealing bullet points…. Why Kirkman quit a lucrative job at Marvel to work […]

Does Daddy Know Best – What Kirkman, Mazzara and Darabont Mean to the Walking Dead

by on 01/17/2013
A great TV show is only as good as its executive producer. Whatever the vision, it’s shaped by a creative and fiercely strong mind that can anticipate problems and avoid them—sometimes by mass firings. Norman Lear was All in the Family‘s strong mind, while Chris Carter was The X-Files‘ grand conspirator. What we’ve been observing […]