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Laurie Holden Thought She’d Be On The Show Longer

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/15/2016
Ex-Walking Dead actress Laurie Holden was the special guest at the Walker Stalker Convention in New Jersey this week. According to Holden, she was originally under the impression her time on The Walking Dead would last much longer (and that she’d wind up Rick’s girlfriend). Sudden deaths were a trademark of showrunner Glen Mazzara, who […]
laurie holden

Walking Dead Actress Defends Johnny Depp At Worst Possible Time

by Peter Paltridgeon 05/30/2016
It’s un-hip to be Depp right now. All the good will the actor has generated over the years through his charming characters has been eroding now that his audience has caught on he plays the same guys over and over. The real nail in the coffin for stars in their decline, however, is always something […]

Emmy 349x240 - The Walking Dead—Overdue for an Emmy Award?

The Walking Dead—Overdue for an Emmy Award?

by on 01/29/2013
It’s hard to believe that The Walking Dead hasn’t won a major Emmy Award yet, considering that it’s the only “prestige” realistic zombie series out there. Then again, maybe that factor is working against it. Just as Emmy voters find someone they can relate to and like, boom! The guy gets killed off. Not that […]
laurie holden podcast interview 349x240 - Laurie Holden Podcast Interview

Laurie Holden Podcast Interview

by Jakobion 04/19/2011
Laurie Holden Podcast interview is something for all fans to check out to learn more about her character and her thoughts on the show.  Laurie Holden who plays Andrea on The Walking Dead goes into detail about her thoughts on the show and where it’s heading. During the Laurie Holden Podcast Interview, Laurie talks about her […]