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AMC Releases Glamour Shot of Lucille

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/29/2016
Today AMC released the promotional image for the season finale of The Walking Dead, which airs this Sunday and includes the debut of a highly anticipated character. Just about every entertainment website has received this image and headlined it with “AMC Releases First Negan Image.” There’s just one problem with that. Do you see Negan […]
normal twd0509 1148 - Robert Kirkman 'Spoils' Glenn's Death on Comedy Central (Spoilers, Obviously)

Robert Kirkman ‘Spoils’ Glenn’s Death on Comedy Central (Spoilers, Obviously)

by Shawn Hopkinson 02/12/2015
@midnightGet More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows Last night’s episode of the Comedy Central internet quiz show @midnight had a hilarious lineup featuring The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman, Lauren Cohan (Maggie) and Josh McDermitt (Eugene). Many funny, off-color jokes were made by the cast and host Chris Hardwick. And Kirkman might have spoiled how […]