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bots - The Bots' Blinded Music Video Directed By Norman Reedus Debuts

The Bots’ Blinded Music Video Directed By Norman Reedus Debuts

by Alex Beanon 03/11/2015
The music video for “Blinded” by Los Angeles group, The Bots, has made its official debut. The video was directed by “The Walking Dead”‘s Norman Reedus…

Kiev Scores New Fans With Song Featured on The Walking Dead, ‘Be Gone Dull Cage’

by Shawn Hopkinson 12/23/2014
An often underlooked aspect of The Walking Dead is the amazing music the show uses to punctuate or underscore scenes. Far from just dropping in the flavor of the month, the show’s music supervisors reach deep into classic and indie albums to find just the right band and just the right song. recently spoke […]

taking a minute to slow down and 349x240 - Taking a Minute to Slow Down and Enjoy Titanfall's World

Taking a Minute to Slow Down and Enjoy Titanfall's World

by Shawn Hopkinson 04/30/2014
  You might barely notice because you’re in a kill-or-be-killed battle featuring giant robots, but Titanfall has some very pretty worlds to explore. Thanks to TOOT’s new video Titanfall Remixed, you can take a more leisurely look at the things in Titanfall that aren’t trying to kill you. Oh yeah, the video also features a […]
the walking dead soundtrack 349x240 - Download The Walking Dead Soundtrack

Download The Walking Dead Soundtrack

by Jakobion 03/17/2013
The Walking Dead soundtrack is now available for download. AMC recently announced that the first set of songs are available on Amazon as well as iTunes. The soundtrack will then arrive in stores next week on March 19th. The soundtrack features some of their best music from the award winning television show.   The Walking Dead […]

blue foundation eyes on fire 349x240 - The Walking Dead Soundtrack?

The Walking Dead Soundtrack?

by Jakobion 04/21/2011
The Walking Dead soundtrack so far has consisted of groups such as Wang Chung, Black Strobe, and John Murphy.  Wang Chung was featured in “Days Gone Bye”, Black Strobe in “Guts”, and finally John Murphy in “Wildfire”.  However, with the fans and followers of The Walking Dead looking for more action and the next season to come, some are […]