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NBC Wanted A Walking Dead Procedural With No Zombies

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/29/2016
Gale Anne Hurd, executive producer of The Walking Dead, shared a rather odd behind-the-scenes tale when she spoke at the Edinburgh International TV Festival last week (reported by Variety). There was a point early in development where nobody involved in shopping the Walking Dead show idea knew which network it would wind up on. As […]
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The Walking Dead Starts Broadcasting Spanish Version In 2016

by Peter Paltridgeon 12/22/2015
The holiday season isn’t a very generous time for TWD news to surface — we suspect much more info will start leaking out once 2016 clicks into place. But one thing we can say for certain will happen early next year is that there’ll be another way for Spanish-speaking viewers to watch the show. There […]

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The Walking Dead Loses To NFL Again In Ratings Race

by Alex Beanon 11/10/2015
Despite an episode that failed to resolve a major character issue, the ratings for “The Walking Dead” again failed to defeat the Sunday evening NFL game – this time between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles. “The Walking Dead” only mustered 12.4 million viewers for their fifth episode of Season Six despite nobody knowing […]
twd5 - TWD Loses To NFL Again In Week Two Ratings

TWD Loses To NFL Again In Week Two Ratings

by Alex Beanon 10/20/2015
The National Football League has won two in a row in the ratings race against “The Walking Dead” as the second episode of the sixth season succumbed to the NBC’s telecast of the New England Patriots’ 34-27 victory over the Indianapolis Colts which drew 18.8 million viewers for an 8.2 rating to 12.2 million and […]


New Characters Coming To Grimm Next Season

by Peter Paltridgeon 09/08/2015
It has been noted that NBC’s Grimm is the type of show that’s impossible to describe to someone who’s never seen it. “Grimm? What’s that about?” “Um….it’s about these people….who have animal heads….but they’re SECRET animal heads….” “I see.” “They’re called the Wesen, and they’re really racist and they hate each other, and some of […]
NUP 168720 0002 - NBC Cancels Hannibal After Three Seasons

NBC Cancels Hannibal After Three Seasons

by Peter Paltridgeon 06/22/2015
NBC sent an announcement to the press this morning. It was partially to announce a date for the return of Grimm (October 30, late as always) but it was also to announce that Hannibal has been…..cancelled. This news will probably come as a surprise to no one. The prequel to the hit movies about a […]

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Robert Kirkman: NBC Wanted to do The Walking Dead Without Zombies

by Shawn Hopkinson 04/28/2014
  The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman recently sat down with Jim Rash on Sundance TV’s “The Writer’s Room” to talk about The Walking Dead’s success. A vital element of that success was finding a place on AMC. Kirkman said the show almost got made at NBC, but there was at least one major dealbreaker. […]