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Destiny Releases Its Final Update For PS3 And 360

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/26/2016
Go to your old vinyl collection, pull out The Doors and put on “The End” to set the proper mood for this newspost. Waiting….. Done it yet? Okay, good. Bungie is releasing its very, very last update for Destiny that affects last-gen consoles. After this, the 360 and PS3 will get no more updates. Online […]
cancelled call of duty game woul 349x240 - Cancelled Call Of Duty Game Would Have Taken Place In Rome

Cancelled Call Of Duty Game Would Have Taken Place In Rome

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/05/2016
Seeing how the Call of Duty franchise has drifted into the future in recent years, it’s interesting to hear of an alternate take that would have taken it further into the past. GamesRadar reports that a COD game was once in production in the latter half of the previous decade called Call of Duty: Roman […]

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How Destiny Players On Last-Gen Consoles Can Make The Leap

by Peter Paltridgeon 06/27/2016
If you’re still playing Destiny on the Playstation 3 or XBox 360, you’re running on borrowed time. When Bungie introduced their next expansion, Rise of Iron, at E3 they also confirmed that support for most events in the game would be dropped on last-gen consoles. This doesn’t include everything, but might as well: access to […]
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EA is Giving Out Free Battlefield 4 DLC

by Peter Paltridgeon 06/22/2016
E3 is over, but Electronic Arts wants to keep the upcoming Battlefield 1 fresh in your memory by stoking your interest in the franchise. That’s why they’re giving away DLC content from the last Battlefield game, Battlefield 4, for free. As of today you can get the Second Assault expansion by just downloading it for […]

telltales walking dead games pla 349x240 - Telltale's Walking Dead Games Playable On Playstation Now

Telltale’s Walking Dead Games Playable On Playstation Now

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/01/2016
Playstation Now is Sony’s streaming service for the Playstation 3, 4 and Vita that uses cloud technology to beam any game from their servers to your living room in real time. Well, “any game” being the eventual goal. Right now their library stands at around 300 titles, and that’s with the addition of ten new […]
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Here's Where Call of Duty Ranked In The Bestselling Games Of 2015

by Peter Paltridgeon 01/14/2016
Call of Duty conquered once again in the sales lists for video games in 2015. Black Ops 3, the newest installment, ranked first in the NPD list for bestselling games of December, and first in the list of bestselling games for the entire year. And this is just counting physical copies. Black Ops 3 was […]

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The Iron Banner Event Returns In Destiny

by Peter Paltridgeon 12/29/2015
It’s not too late to enter the Sparrow Racing League event! …..oh wait, it actually IS too late, my bad. That event is closed, and no one knows if and when it’ll return. But another event HAS returned in its place: Iron Banner! The multiplayer event starts again today and lasts for an unspecified time. […]
71101394640944 - Activision Says Black Ops 3 is Selling Better Than Advanced Warfare or Ghosts

Activision Says Black Ops 3 is Selling Better Than Advanced Warfare or Ghosts

by Peter Paltridgeon 11/12/2015
Activision was proud to announce today that so far, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is their best-selling title in the history of COD, bringing in $550 million after being out for less than a week. The thing about Activision’s figure is that it’s difficult to determine what they’re counting as a sold game. Black […]

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Amazon Will Deliver Black Ops 3 To Your Door At Midnight, Under Certain Conditions

by Peter Paltridgeon 11/05/2015
Many game retailers are holding midnight parties tonight, with the intent of selling Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 the second the calendar switches over to November 6. But if you bought Black Ops 3 through Amazon, you may still be able to receive your copy at the same time. No, not by drone, but close. […]
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Twelve Million Gamers Still Play Black Ops 2 Online

by Peter Paltridgeon 11/04/2015
You might be wondering why AAA studios like Activision continue to port their latest games to decade-old consoles like the PS3 and 360 despite the increasing amount of sacrifices they have to make to get them running. This latest survey released by the company should give you a hint: they still register at least 12 […]