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Companion Series Will Start as Prequel, Then Catch Up

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/16/2015
The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman has revealed some new details about the upcoming The Walking Dead companion series. First off, don’t call it a prequel. “We have revealed that the time line is going to be taking place a little earlier then the time frame of the original show,” Kirkman told Polygon in an […]
The Walking Dead/Breaking Bad

Is Breaking Bad a Prequel to The Walking Dead?

by Shawn Hopkinson 04/03/2014
The clues are there, says HitFix writer Donna Dickens. You just have to look. The first clue, of course, is that Merle’s stash from season 2 clearly had Blue Sky in it, Breaking Bad’s Walter White’s super-pure, super potent new form of crystal meth. Ha ha, just a reference, right? But Dickens digs deeper. “Doesn’t […]

A Walking Dead Prequel? The Spinoff Could Actually Be A Prequel

by Jakobion 11/16/2013
The Walking Dead spinoff that so many fans have been talking about and discussing could actually be a prequel, yeah a Walking Dead prequel. That would not only be really cool, but incredibly awesome. I mean how many of us are dying to know what happened prior to Rick Grimes waking up in the coma? […]