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PUBG Mobile Gets New Anti-Cheating System

by Todd Blackon 10/30/2019
How is PUBG Mobile working on getting cheating handled? What’s their new system? Since PUBG MOBILE’s launch in 2018, the security team has enforced a zero-tolerance policy towards in-game cheating to create a fair and healthy gaming environment. Today, PUBG MOBILE revealed further insight into existing cheating detection efforts and future initiatives currently being developed, […]
pubg3.0 1 349x240 - Rankings For PUBG Mobile Club Open Now Available

Rankings For PUBG Mobile Club Open Now Available

by Todd Blackon 05/30/2019
What’s the latest on PUBG Mobile? What are the rankings for the latest open? After two epic weeks of back-to-back competition and unmatched skill displays in the world’s most popular mobile game, 16 elite teams from each regions will be competing in PUBG MOBILE CLUB OPEN 2019 Regional Finals in June! Leading global technology company, Vivo is […]