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Destiny Adds Doubles Skirmish PVP Mode

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/23/2015
Got a good bro? A guy or gal (girls can be bros) you can always depend on in the clutch? Then you might want to try Destiny’s new Doubles Skirmish mode, which pits two teams to two players against each other in the Crucible. It’s like doubles Tennis, but with death. The more intimate mode […]
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Destiny's Next Iron Banner Will Start Jan. 13

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/09/2015
Ready to take another shot at proving that you’re the best in the Crucible, or, at least, you’ve got the best gear? Destiny’s next Iron Banner event will begin Jan. 13 and run through Jan. 19, according to a recent announcement by Bungie. The new Iron Banner will be revamped with new rewards.  You’ll also […]

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Review – Destiny Succeeds, But Doesn't Reach It's Full Potential (PS4)

by James Harveyon 10/17/2014
Sitting down to play Destiny, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. The hype has completely died down, as has the initial blowback. Reviews were, overall, pretty mediocre. There was a fair amount of disappointment to go around that, still, didn’t really stop anyone from playing the game. People are still plugging hour after hour […]