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Rockstar Reveals Its 2016 Plans For GTA Online

by Peter Paltridgeon 05/09/2016
A post on the Rockstar Newswire today info-dumped a ton of information regarding future plans for GTA Online. These details included several updates announced for the first time. Without naming names, Rockstar hinted at a sequel to 2015’s “Executives and Other Criminals” update. This update allowed players to achieve “VIP” status and found their own […]
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Former Rockstar Exec Suing GTA Makers For Royalties

by Peter Paltridgeon 04/12/2016
Back in January a report started circulating about Leslie Benzies (male), a former producer for Rockstar Games who had now left the company. Rockstar’s statement to the press was that Benzies had taken a long sabbatical and decided, within that vacation time, to quit his job there. But Benzies is claiming quite the opposite, and […]

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GTA V Maker Rockstar Being Sued By Lindsay Lohan

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/15/2016
Lindsay Lohan has been authorized to take developer Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two to court, over what she claims is unauthorized use of her likeness. Specifically, the spoiled, bratty character of Lacey Jonas. See something that looked familiar, Lin? Lindsay was trying to do this all the way back in 2014, but it […]
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Is Single-Player DLC Finally On The Way For GTA V?

by Peter Paltridgeon 01/19/2016
Fans of GTA V have been growing wildly impatient for single-player DLC, and they got excited last week when a photo of Shawn Fonteno, voice actor for the character of Franklin, appeared online. The photo was newly posted to Instagram and showed Fonteno in a mocap suit. What could it be for if not new […]

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Seminal Producer From The GTA Series Leaves Rockstar

by Peter Paltridgeon 01/12/2016
Leslie Benzies, as of today, no longer works for Rockstar. Benzies joined the company in 1999, back when they were known as DMA Design and Grand Theft Auto was a little-known top-down game nobody paid any attention to. He became part of the team that not only jumpstarted the GTA series with GTA III but […]
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Rockstar Announces Next GTA V Update

by Peter Paltridgeon 12/10/2015
The next free update to Grand Theft Auto V is coming in a few days. Announced by Rockstar today, it’s called “Executives and Other Criminals” and lets players band together and cooperatively establish their own crime syndicate. The update includes new missions, new customizable apartments, new real estate in Vinewood, new gameplay modes and tons […]

rockstar bans modders for creati 349x240 - Rockstar Bans Modders For Creating GTA Online Alternative

Rockstar Bans Modders For Creating GTA Online Alternative

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/10/2015
A group of modders were dissatisfied with the online experience of GTA V, so they took matters into their own hands and created FiveM, “a planned multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V which, much in the lines of popular modifications in the past, offers an advanced multiplayer environment for people to play on dedicated […]