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The Walking Dead Nominated for Seven Saturn Awards

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/06/2015
The Walking Dead may get little recognition by the “serious” awards shows like the Emmys and Golden Globes, but at least it’s noticed by the more sci-fi focused awards. It was revealed this week that the show and its actors have been nominated for seven Saturn Awards by The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and […]

Greg Nicotero’s Saturn Awards Speech Has More Action Than Some Whole Shows

by Shawn Hopkinson 07/01/2014
Is this the best filmed award acceptance speech of all time?  If you’re a The Walking Dead fan waiting for season five, it sure might seem like it. The acceptance speech starts with a little Daryl, Rick, and Abraham action, as they liberate The Walking Dead special effects guru/director/producer Greg Nicotero’s Saturn Award from some […]

McBride, Nicotero, Riggs and The Walking Dead Win at Saturn Awards

by Shawn Hopkinson 06/27/2014
You already know the The Walking Dead is one of the best shows ever, but it’s nice to have it validated. And it was validated in spades last night as the show took home several of sci-fi and horror TV’s top awards. At last night’s Saturn Awards in Burbank, California, The Walking Dead won Best […]
Robert Kirkman at Comic-Con

Robert Kirkman on Season 3 of The Walking Dead

by Jakobion 07/27/2012
Robert Kirkman recently gave up some insight on what he thinks about the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. was able to catch up with Robert Kirkman during the Saturn Awards and get his opinion about the future of the show. “I can say that I’m completely in denial when I see Danai [Gurira] walk […]

Stephen King possible while Michonne out for Season 2

by Locon 06/25/2011
We have seen and heard it for months about the possibility of Stephen King actually joining The Walking Dead for an episode or two and we may have some better insight to share.  Stephen King the world reknowend author and screen writer still may have a contribution to the next season of the show, and fans from all around […]