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It Turns Out Carol And Maggie Were In The Room From Saw

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/17/2016
If anything looked familiar about the main room that Carol and Maggie were held prisoner by the Saviors in, there’s a reason. It’s the same room in which the majority of 2004’s horror movie Saw was shot. A comparison screen was made and circulated via Twitter last evening, originating from the official Walking Dead Twitter […]

French Teacher Suspended for Showing The Horror Movie Saw

by Jakobion 06/12/2013
A teacher has been suspended in France for showing the movie ‘Saw’ to his class of 11 year old children. The movie, which shows a lot of gory, sadistic, and frightening scenes, did not go unnoticed once he had shown his class and the news hit home. The school, located in a northern suburb of […]