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The Walking Dead Marathon Week Starts Tonight

by Jackon 03/25/2013
Fancy watching the first three seasons of The Walking Dead again? Need to catch up on some episodes that you have missed? Here’s your chance! The Walking Dead marathon is here for the rescue. Starting today at 8:00 PM EST, AMC is running a week long marathon in anticipation to the Season 3 finale next Sunday. […]

When does Season 3 of The Walking Dead Start?

by Jakobion 06/13/2012
When does season 3 of The Walking Dead start? That is the question that seems to be floating around lately. While the exact date hasn’t been officially announced as far as we know, we are going to take a really good guess. Season 3 of The Walking Dead will premiere this October, which is definitely a known fact, […]

Season 1 Finale Wildfire

The Walking Dead Season 1 Finale ‘Wildfire’ Retake

by Casca910on 04/24/2012
This is my attempt to show how the season one finale, Wildfire, could have been done smarter, keeping the basic ending. The quotes from the show are taken from closed captioning on the DVD. It begins about 30 minutes into Wildfire (the fifth episode of season one). The group has just stopped to consider what to do about […]

The Walking Dead Season 1 Collector’s Edition

by Jakobion 09/15/2011
On October 4th there will be a collector’s edition of The Walking Dead season 1 released that will be packed full of extras. The Blu-ray and DVD will bring more behind the scenes action to your living room, and will be available in time to watch before season 2 starts this October 16th. This special edition which […]

What Is “The Walking Dead” About

by Jakobion 06/23/2011
Believe it or not there are still some people out there that have either never seen the show, or it happens to be a genre that they would never watch so they do not know what The Walking Dead is about.  So being a huge fan of the show and who cannot simply wait for […]

Watch The Walking Dead Online

by Jakobion 06/20/2011
Many fans are still out there looking where to watch The Walking Dead online as maybe they missed an episode or they want to check it out again.  While it has been awhile since the first season of The Walking Dead aired you can still watch The Walking Dead online and get all caught up before […]

The Walking Dead Trivia – Season 1

by Jakobion 04/17/2011
If you are a fan of the new show The Walking Dead, then you are ready for the new The Walking Dead trivia put out by AMC.  The Walking Dead trivia from season1 will test how well you know the show and where you have missed the finer points.Come and take part in this question and […]

The Walking Dead Encore – January 2011

by Jakobion 04/17/2011
If you missed season 1 of The Walking Dead then you will be alright since there will be an encore presentation on January 18th, 2011 on AMC.  The newest zombie craze will be airing again this January so you can get caught up on The Walking Dead that has drawn millions of viewers and started a following […]