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There Are Four Different Ways To Get The Halo 5 Soundtrack

by Peter Paltridgeon 10/20/2015
In most cases, you’re lucky if your favorite game gets a soundtrack at all. In Halo 5’s opposite case, you’re going to have so much to pick from you won’t know what to do. First you have to decide if you like the Halo 5 soundtrack enough to want it (no one can answer yet). […]
The Purge Soundtrack

The Purge Soundtrack Set For Release In June

by Jakobion 05/22/2013
The Purge is set to hit theaters on June 7th, and The Purge soundtrack will be released a few days before the movie opens up. The soundtrack for this summer thriller will be available on Tuesday, June 4th. While the movie will be starring Ethan Hawk and Lena Headey, the soundtrack for the movie will feature music […]

blue foundation eyes on fire 349x240 - The Walking Dead Soundtrack?

The Walking Dead Soundtrack?

by Jakobion 04/21/2011
The Walking Dead soundtrack so far has consisted of groups such as Wang Chung, Black Strobe, and John Murphy.  Wang Chung was featured in “Days Gone Bye”, Black Strobe in “Guts”, and finally John Murphy in “Wildfire”.  However, with the fans and followers of The Walking Dead looking for more action and the next season to come, some are […]